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Kurt Mitenbuler & Assoc., Inc., is an independent firm specializing in inspecting homes & buildings in the Chicago Metro area. We provide inspection and report services for individuals that want to know the condition of their potential home or property.

Condominium Associations

The explosion of condominium buildings in the last 10 years has brought with it an equal shock that many of these buildings were not developed in a manner that is adequate to insure long term performance of major components. That's a nice way of saying the buildings need major improvements and repairs even though they've been recently "rehabbed".

 Often, the condo association members have no idea where to start. Even if they do take a pro-active stance toward building repair, they find themselves comparing apples to oranges when they begin receiving proposals or recommendations from tradesman or contractors. The condominium consulting component of my inspection business grew out of this predicament.

I meet with the Condo Board or association, listen to their concerns, and propose a custom inspection and report process to best address those items needing attention. Because condos often have budget limitations, concerns are prioritized on an as necessary basis.

 I review proposals, meet with contractors, and monitor work in progress to ensure that the building is receiving the most cost effective repair, and to make sure the work conforms to current industry standards and applicable building codes. Since I do not have a vested interest in the work being performed, I do not have a trade bias as to how to best achieve results.  I draw on my experience of over 2 decades of building inspection and consulting on hundreds of building projects to propose solutions that best meet the needs of specific condominium buildings.

Call my office and I will be glad to describe additional services available to condo boards and/or management companies to properly allocate resources for maintenance and repair of these structures.

Learn more about our Property Condition Reports and Reserve Studies.

Here is a list of some of the condominium associations I have worked for:

Oak Park Club Condominium Association
721 Ontario, Oak Park , IL
PCR Property Condition Report
Heartbreak Lofts Condominium Association 
17 N. Loomis, Chicago IL
Exterior Masonry & Roofing report
Reba Place Condominium Association
Reba Place, Evanston, IL
Exterior Masonry & Roofing report
Palmer Kedzie Condominium Association
3143 W. Palmer Ave., Chicago IL
Full PCR
North Ridge Condominium Association
2141 Ridge Ave., Evanston , IL
Exterior Masonry & Roofing report
Farwell Condominium Association
1900 W. Farwell Ave., Chicago IL
Full PCR
3400 N. Janssen Condominium Association
3400 N. Janssen, Chicago,   IL
Full PCR
Prairie Row Townhomes,
2710 Prairie Ave., Evanston , IL
Roofing & Exterior report
Hawthorn Condominium Association
727 Hawthorn, Glencoe , IL
Roofing & Exterior report
Federal Centers, Inc. / George St. Condominium Association
1235 W. George,  Chicago,   IL
Special reports concerning ongoing leaks @ balconies & masonry
Bayberry Point Condominium Association
1522 W. Jonquil Terrac, Chicago IL
Full PCR
Crossroads Condominium Association
3037-3049 W. Belle Plaine Ave., Chicago IL
Full PCR
Castle Manor Condominium Assoc.
1901-07 W. Estes Ave., Chicago, IL
Full PCR
Northwest Terra Cotta Condominium Association
1701 W. Terra Cotta, Chicago, IL
Roof & roof deck structural inspection
BeauxArts on Belle Plaine Condominium Association
905 W. Belle Plaine Ave., Chicago, IL
Full PCR
Lawndale Condominium Association
4201 N. Lawndale Ave.
Chicago, IL
Full PCR
Lidia Condominium Association
6709 N. Lakewood Ave.
Chicago, IL
Full PCR
5006 N. Winchester Condominium Association
5006 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL 
Full PCR
3301 W. Cuyler Condominium Association
3301 W. Cuyler
Chicago, IL
Full PCR
MetroNorth Condominium Association
3946 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL
PCR and ongoing consultation
Manors On Magnolia Condominum Association
5839 N. Magnolia
Chicago, IL
Full PCR
1645 W. North Ave. Condominium Association
1645 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL
Exterior Masonry Study/Moisture Intrusion Investigation
Ogilsby Place Condominium Association
2637 E. 76th Place
Chicago, IL
Full PCR and ongoing consultation
Edgewater Landings Condominum Association
1258 W. Hood Ave.
Chicago, IL 
Full PCR
2458 W. Walton Condominium Association
2458 W. Walton
Chicago, IL
Moisture Intrusion report
Cedar Condominium Association
2907-2911 W. Greenleaf Ave.
Chicago, IL
Full PCR
Bellrose Condominium Association
2224 W. Rosemont
Chicago, IL
Roof and Masonry Inspection, Report, and Work Administration
Lofts on Honore
1231 N. Honore
Chicago, IL
Masonry and moisture intrusion study
3351 N. Seminary Condominium Association
3351 N. Seminary
Chicago IL
Roof, Masonry, and moisture intrusion study